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Seasons of Lamentations (2017)
an art/dance/video/sound installation

a collaborative project by students, faculty, and staff at Beloit College

Emma Kravig ’17: installation design and fabric design
J.P. Marquez ‘17 and Gabrielle Rose Garcia ’19: dance and painting
Mellody Strahan ’17 and Blair Henderson ’19: videography
Dan Bartlett, Curator of Exhibits and Education, Logan Museum of Anthropology, Instructor of Museum Studies: installation
Rob Petrie: Recording Engineer
Lauren Roark, Costume Designer and Shop Manager: costume and fabric design
Meredith Root, Visiting Professor of Studio Art: paper and fabric design
Carol Wickersham, Instructor of Sociology, Director of Community-Based Learning: concept, installation and painting
Yvonne Wu, Assistant Professor of Music: music and installation

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